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Thirteen years ago, Tarrytown Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Conservatives and non- aligned voters came together to form Tarrytown United (TU). This non-partisan party, built upon a vision of unified local government, continues to field a slate of candidates dedicated to bringing ethical, fiscally responsible leadership that unites the Village to work cooperatively toward common goals. Tarrytown United has effectively ended partisan bickering, made local government more transparent, completed multiple municipal projects, and revitalized the previously non-existent resident participation on village committees.


Tarrytown United’s coalition, representing the full political spectrum, has brought Tarrytown residents into the decision-making process, regardless of party affiliation, neighborhood location, age or economic status. Created to be inclusive, TU has become a community creator, not a community divider.


As a model of Tarrytown United’s mission, trustee and mayoral candidates endorsed by TU have been Democratic, Independent and Republican. This year’s slate includes incumbents Karen G. Brown (Democrat), Robert Hoyt (Republican) and new candidate Paul Rinaldi (Democrat).


Cross-endorsed by the Democratic Party, Tarrytown United candidates have always worked together in a spirit of cooperation and collegiality, giving voice to every citizen in the village. Honoring each resident’s stake in the actions of local government, TU representatives have listened and responded knowledgeably, honestly and fairly to concerns over the past thirteen years, taking extra time with individuals to help solve problems.


The hallmarks of Tarrytown United continue to be inclusivity, ethical and fiscal responsibility, collegiality, transparency and responsiveness. Read about this year’s slate and see how TU’s candidates represent all aspects of our wonderfully diverse and community-oriented village.